130 York Street.
Bridgewater, Nova Scotia.
B4V 2M1.
Phone: (902) 541-8240.
fax: (902) 541-8250.

Bus Stops

Find a Bus Stop using Bus Planner:

1.  Navigate to www.bus.ssrce.ca
2.  Click the 'Parent Portal' Button
3.  Enter the Student ID (10 digit number fund on old report cards) and home civic address number.  Choose the school and grade.  Click sign in to display the bus route information

Sleep Guidelines and Helpful Hints!

The above link has great information to help parents in determining the appropriate amount of sleep for their children. It also suggests some excellent strategies to support kids in getting a great night's sleep. Please have a look by clicking the link above.


The report cards for Primary and Grades 1-3 have been revised by the Department of Education to reflect the changes to the P-3 curriculum. To see upcoming changes in the Grades P-3 report cards and the reporting process please follow the link above. Shortly, we will be sending a paper copy home as well.


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