BES Message July 22 2020

Today the government announced 3 scenarios regarding the return to school in September. Please see the following link for the government plan ( As of now we will be moving forward in planning and hope to finalize class lists and class supply list in the next week. We ask for your patience as we move forward. A text message at the beginning of August letting families know supply lists have been posted on the BES website. Most BES Teachers do a $35 supply fee, which can be paid in September and will cover all the supplies for your child for the school year. The only thing we ask you to supply in this situation is indoor sneakers, lunch bag and book bag. I know many parents and guardians are eager to know which teacher will be teaching their child next year, but this will be delayed until at least August. We apologize but we do not want to have to make changes later and have unhappy children. I will communicate with you through text when BES teachers will be given the go ahead to contact the families of their students. I know we will have many changes come September but what I can tell you is that I have complete faith in my staff to give 110% and they will be focused on student health, safety and well-being. I feel very lucky to have such a great team! I want to add that I also appreciate how supportive our community has been over the past year and how proud I am to be the Principal at BES. I promise to continue to be in touch and please reach out by email if you have any questions. Please make sure to chat with your child about the positives of returning to school, as you as a parent will have a huge part in their successful transition. Our children are mirrors of us, even when we think they are not looking or listening. Start with some little things, like wearing masks, packing lunches in lunch boxes when you go to the beach or park, call a walk with the dog Physical Education class, write a letter about their excitement and concerns to Ms. Willow! I know we've got this handled as a community and I will be so excited to see the students in September even with a mask on! I will have to come up with some cool dance moves we can do instead of hugs! Ms. Willow