Guidance Links for Students


Controlling Your Anger: Everyone gets mad but loosing control of it, often makes matters worse. This may result in

your having regrets about what you said or did and being punished. You can change!

Anger Control

Reducing stress: Everyone gets stressed but you can learn to control it instead of letting it control you.

5 Steps To Reducing Stress


Family Fights: Learn the best ways to react and handle conflicts with family members.

What To Do When Your Family Fights

Dealing with Feelings: Kidshealth has a huge list of feelings and problems that kids encounter with school, family and

friends. Learning more about your problem can help you feel better.

Feeling Better

Relaxation Technique: When you are upset or stressed, calm yourself with the help of this video. With a bit of practice,

it works really well!

Relaxation Exercise

Girls Celebrating Being Girls: Dove's Campaign for Real Beauty has a great link for

organizing a fun sleepover. Share a night of positive change on May 2nd.

Organize a 'Campaign For Real Beauty' sleep over



Bullying: Get all the facts so you can take action!

Ending Bullying

Internet Safety: Protect your privacy, judge what's true and not true, avoid cyber bullying and still have a great time.

Protecting Your Privacy

What's True And Not True On The Net

Protect Yourself While On the Internet


Homework Help: Develop good homework habits that will help you succeed each day in school.

Homework Help

Homework Tips

Learning Your Times Tables: Too often, students learn their times table and soon forget them. Learn your times tables

for once and for all.

Tricks For Learning Your X's

Speed Up Your Times Tables

X's Study Guide

Improve Your Reading: I compiled a list of good habits to follow to help you become a good reader.

 Reading Habits

Study skills: Doing well in school isn't all about being really smart. Good study skills can help you be your best.

Get Smart!

Canadian Websites For Learning: A wealth of information on Canada to help you with projects.

Canadian Sites For Learning



Your Physical Health: Do you have an illness and need more information about it or how your body works?

Check out the IWK Children’s Hospital website:

Common Body Topics

How The Body Works

More on How The Body Works

Kids Health Problems

Puberty Stuff: Students often have questions about changes their bodies are going through. Here are

good websites to give you accurate information.

'Kidshealth' on Puberty(type 'puberty' to search)

Even More on Puberty



Math Fun: Strengthen your math skills or just have fun with math:

NCTM Activities

Mike's Math Games For Kids

Math Cats

Learn about the weather: TheWeather Channel can great information on

Weather Channel Kids